There are important reasons that you should not sign-up for a free CDL training with those schools offer you.

  1. You have to make a contract with them to work only for them with the lowest rate and any terms and conditions that they want. you might pay $1000 or more for your truck driving school but later you are free to choose the best transportation company that you want. Nowadays every company looking for Class A drivers. competition is high and you can choose the best one with highest rate and benefits.
  2. keep in mind, once you get your CDL you could earn what you spent for your school in a few weeks or less. why should you put yourself under a hard contract?  if you are not happy with a company you can switch to another one as long as you are not under any contract!
  3. if you want to break the contract from free CDL schools then you need to pay a high termination fee!